Item AB/910 - Photocopy of an autograph letter signed from Anna Brodsky to Nina Grieg

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GB GB1179 AB-AB/910


Photocopy of an autograph letter signed from Anna Brodsky to Nina Grieg


  • [20th cent] (Produção)

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1 item, 4 folios

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Anna Brodsky believes that it is an eternity since she and Nina Grieg communicated with each other. There has been some aggravation in the relations between the Brodskys and Richter and his family. Richter is a great musician but, as a person he is unreliable and very difficult to do business with, as the concert committee have found once again. Two days ago, he and his family went off to Germany to Ballenstedt, where one of his married daughters lives. Anna will give Nina full details of this when they next see each other. Spring with colourful and fragrant flowers has reached Bowdon. Adolph plays bowls daily and Anna goes for long walks with Tony's dog, a charming, completely black little dog, which is quite at home and likes them very much. Tony had to go to London and left the dog with them as he is so happy there. Adolph usually comes home at 5pm when they drink tea together and each evening Anna reads aloud for hours to Adolph as he smokes his pipe. At the moment she is reading him "Great Expectations" and how they are enjoying it. Since the previous day the two of them are at home alone. Tony was with them for more than five months since his parents had to be in New York but when his father finds work in London, they will stay there. Naum Blinder, who came for lunch daily throughout the winter, has gone to London to hear different violinists. The loss of Richter is colossal: never will they hear such Beethoven Symphonies as under Richter. Anna was not well before Easter but recovered after taking brine baths, a remarkable means of putting the nerves in order. The original is dated 5 May 1911, and it is unclear when this photocopy was made.

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