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Royal Manchester College of Music Archives
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Iso Elinson

Two photographs of Elinson, one in profile showing his left side (portrait orientation), the other face on and seated at a piano (landscape).

Concert performance

Shows chorus (women in white dresses, men in lounge and dinner suits), orchestra (women in black dresses, men in lounge and dinner suits), organist, elderly conductor in tails, 4 soloists (SATB) with male standing to sing. No performers have been...

College members

Shows College members, in roughly 5 rows: 2 rows seated (on ground and on chairs), others standing. Brodsky is seated in the middle, with Fuchs two to his left. It is assumed that other Professors are shown, but they have not yet been identified...

Performance examination?

Watercolour depicting from behind 3 professors seated at a table, from left to right two men and a women. A female student (?) plays a grand piano on a dais. The female professor is wearing a hat, blue blouse and beige skirt; she has brown hair....

Concert performance

Shows College orchestra seated on dais in College concert hall. Brodsky is about to conduct. Fuchs is seen with celli but no other professors are recognisable. Small organ in plain wooden case. 6 gas lights (no shades) are seen. Women are we...

Interior of the Lees hall (?)

2 copies. Shows dais, with two grand & one upright pianos, and chairs/music stands as if for string quartet. Portrait of Brodsky [presented to College in 1924], and bust of Halle and Liszt medallion on walls to left and right of dais respect...

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