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Brodsky Papers Grieg, Nina (1845-1935), Singer
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Brodsky Papers

  • GB GB1179 AB
  • Colección
  • 1850s-1981

The Brodsky Papers comprise letters, newscuttings, programmes, telegrams, photograph albums, loose photographs, concert tickets, official documents (marriage certificate, diplomas) and music, which were found in the Brodsky home following the deat...

Brodsky, Adolph (1851-1929), Violinist, Principal of the Royal Manchester College of Music

Autograph letter signed from Nina Grieg to Anna Brodsky

Nina thanks Anna for her letter and is delighted that their names can be used for a good purpose [the Royal Manchester College of Music Club]. Nina hopes that Anna is now rid of her influenza. Edvard has been taking Finsen's electric light ...

Telegram from Nina Grieg to Adolph Brodsky

The telegram reads thus: To Professor Brodsky, Musical College, Manchester. After few days Illness Edvard died Quietly this night. Nina. Dated 4 Sep 1907.

Autograph letter signed from Nina Grieg to Anna Brodsky

Nina mentions that the Quartet was played the previous evening in Manchester and wishes that she had been there. The Sevcik Quartet from Bohemia was recently in Kopenhagen and played Edvard's Quartet very well, but not rhythmic nor personal ...

Autograph letter signed from Nina Grieg to Anna Brodsky

Nina apologises for not writing to Anna. Nina has been very moved at the love and respect which the whole world has for Edvard. She thinks it remarkable that the English people have so much respect for art and artists. The concert with Edvard&#...

Autograph letter signed from Nina Grieg to Anna Brodsky

Nina writes most appreciatively of the Brodskys' friendship and is delighted that dear Brodsky will be happy to have Edvard's pen, which Nina has put safely in the chest. Nina suggests a "little trip" to Troldhaugen to collect...

Autograph letter signed from Edvard Grieg to Anna Brodsky

Edvard Grieg is writing to Anna Brodsky on behalf of his wife Nina who is ill. She has been lying in a clinic for 3 weeks as she has a problem with her knees which may be the consequence of too much mineral water. Nina has been taking mineral wa...

Grieg, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907), Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Photocopy of an autograph letter signed from Anna Brodsky to Nina Grieg

  • GB GB1179 AB-AB/910
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [20th cent]
  • Parte deBrodsky Papers

Anna Brodsky believes that it is an eternity since she and Nina Grieg communicated with each other. There has been some aggravation in the relations between the Brodskys and Richter and his family. Richter is a great musician but, as a person he...

Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer

Photograph of Edvard and Nina Grieg

  • GB GB1179 AB-AB/213
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1898
  • Parte deBrodsky Papers

The photograph is for Frau Olga but the Griegs have forgotten her maiden name and ask to be excused. They recall a happy time together. Both sign the back of the photograph. Leipzig 12 January 1898.

Grieg, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907), Composer, Pianist, Conductor

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