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Thomas Pitfield Collection Unidad documental compuesta
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Johnny Robins

Bound volume of rhymes and decorations by TBP. Titles include: ?Marketing; The Beartig-erlion; The Steam-Roller; King Nebshazzerod; Lilly Lipton; Cluck Cluck; Hilda had a Garden; Miss Cod; Horseman Night; A Cat; The Old Sxarecrow; The Starling; S...

Correspondence 1986-1988

Letters to TBP from various people. Names on the letters are as follows: 1. Michael Pitfield, 2. Jones County Junior College, 3. Steve Race, 4. Fritz Spiegl, 5. Robert Williams, 6. David Kershaw (University of York), 7. Richard Baker, 8. ...

Folk Song Suite, for medium voice, flute and piano

Cover has: 1. Faithful Johnny (Scottish); 2. So far from my country (Irish); 3. The billy goat (Russian) - this title deleted; 4. I live not where I love (English); 5. Carrion crow (English). Cover contains So far from my country - photocopy o...


Incidents from a Sixty Year Holiday Diary. TBP writing on his marriage to Alice Pitfield

Homecoming for piano

Dedicated "For Alice". Two copies - one previously entitled "Salutation".


Vegetarian recipe book written by Alice Pitfield. The design of the booklet and the caligraphy are by TBP

Pencil Portraits

Portraits of Thomas Pitfield, Alice Pitfield and Ernest Scott

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