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Examination Paper

Royal Manchester College of Music General Knowledge examination questions from 21 June 1921, 2-5pm

Examiner's notes

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examiner's notes for Pianoforte, Grade 1 (Primary), student name: Sambridge

Royal Opera House Covent Garden Opera Season

Handwritten note on front of booklet identifies The Pilgrims' Progress. This opera features in the programme booklet, described as a morality in a prologue. Four Acts and an Epilogue founded on Bunyan's Allegory. Music by Ralph Vaugha...

Bowden Church News

Includes short piece written by Thomas Pitfield, titled: Anglican to Methodist (The conversion of a Carol).

Art and Music: Some comparisons

Lecture writen by Thomas Pitfield, attempting to show comparisions between two art forms, taking an equal study of each.

Trees in Landscape

Notes on observing and drawing trees. Lists a number of types of tree and categorises them by form.

Words and Music

Notes written by Thomas Pitfield for a presentation (given to an audience of composers) regarding the decisions a composer has to make in choosing words to accompany a work. Details the possibilities and pitfalls a composer has to face. The note...

A Blackbird at My Window

For Broadcast. Produced by Hazel Lewthwaite. Tells the story of Thomas Pitfield watching a blackbird with a keen interest from his study. Picked idea for a song from the noises made by the bird. Shows the development of the song from start to ...

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