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Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer
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Autograph biographical notes of Adolph Brodsky

In these incomplete notes Anna mentions the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto which was premiered by Brodsky in Vienna in 1881. She mentions his 8 years of work in Leipzig and his 3 years in America. She adds his return to Europe and the offer from Si...

Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer

Autograph practice letter initialled from Anna Brodsky to Miss Millar

On the back of this letter is the continuation of the copy of Alice Elgar's letter to Anna Brodsky, started in AB/746. Elgar himself is away but Lady Elgar hopes that they may all be together again. Perhaps the Brodskys could come and stay ...

Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer

Fragment of an autograph letter signed from Olga Skadowsky to Anna Brodsky

Olga's stock of wood is not yet exhausted. The sea is frozen as far as the eye can see and there have been vast falls of snow this year. Olga is well, especially when she remembers to eat little as recommended by Stooss. The cupola of the ...

Skadowsky, Olga (fl.1856–1940)

Letter to Anna Brodsky

The letter is not divided into paragraphs. It is written in German hand with very occasional words in Roman letters. This letter to Anna Brodsky is written by a woman who has never met Anna although they do have friends in common. The poor woma...

Anonymous - unknown creator

Autograph letter signed from Hans Becker to Anna Brodsky

Hans and Else Becker are very disappointed that Anna could not come to Leipzig because Madame Picard was ill. Dated 7 June.

Becker, Hans (fl.1890-fl.1911), violinist, teacher, member of the Brodsky Quartet

Photocopy of an autograph letter signed from Adolph Brodsky to Alice Elgar

Adolph writes that Mrs. Brodsky has sent on Lady Elgar's kind letter. He regrets that he will be unable to accept her kind invitation for before or after the concert since he has to be back for his work at the college on Saturday morning and...

Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer

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