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Northern School of Music (1920-1972)
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Copies of letters sent by Ida Carroll to E. Joan Bamford

Copies of 6 letters, 1941-1990, with covering letter from Miss Bamford. Subjects range from the personal to news of the Matthay School (EJB was a student).

Carroll, Ida Gertrude (1905-1995), Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Principal of the Northern School of Music, double bass player

Letter, 18 Sep 1946

Manuscript letter from Collens expressing her pleasure at hearing that Clifford Curzon had met with him. She wishes to also meet with Curzon before his trip to America. She encourages him to try the changes to her performance that his tutor Mr. Fi...

Letter, 7 Oct 1946

Manuscript letter in which Collens encourages Hubert to "stay abroad because otherwise the army would claim you!" despite whether or not he is fully satisfied with his studies. She asks if he could try another teacher in the area but rem...

Letter, 10 Oct 1946

Manuscript letter in which Collens wishes him good luck on Oct 14 and 15. She shares that she read about the Geneva Competition and updates him on the progress of the Northern School of Music's new premises and performances.

Letter, 16 Mar 1947

Manuscript letter from Collens expressing her pleasure at hearing about Lapetti's good report" (Dinu Lipatti?) reminding Hubert that he is still young and to relax. She also hopes that he will enter the Geneva Festival, if only for the ...

Letter, 8 Aug 1947

Manuscript letter in which Collens proclaims to be disappointed that Hubert did not enter the Geneva Festival, echoed by Curzon, and that if he has won it would have been useful in the event of him being called up for conscription, as he would hav...

Letter, 23 May 1948

Manuscript letter in pencil. Collens wishes that he write more frequently to her andthat she longs to learn more about his work and any performances and his plans now that his time abroad is nearly finished. She asks whether he is planning to stay...

Letter, 25 Jul 1948

Manuscript letter from Collens offering good luck for his imminent recital. She asks to be sent "the crits" [critics reviews]. She is excited for Hubert as he met Mrs. [Satina] Rachmaninoff and wishes to know more. She gave his contact d...

Letter, 24 Jul 1949

Manuscript letter from Collens in which she is excited about a performance with an orchestra in April and asks if she is able to come. She is also excited for his performance in the Geneva Festival. She gives him advice and support. She extends he...

Letter, 30 Oct 1949

Manuscript letter in which Collens commiserates Hubert's unsuccessful performance at the Geneva Competition and alludes to it being unfair. She is pleased that the conservatoire has given a scholarship and hopes he will be getting lessons fro...

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