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Letter, to Pearl Newman, Palma, Spain

On back of photograph Philip Newman writes to Pearl Newman, dated 13th November 1966. He states that this is his first day out since his illness, that there is no need for anxiety and that he will write again in a day or so, etc.

Letter, to Barnett Hollander, Brussels, Belgium

Thanks Barnett Hollander for being present at a recent gala concert at which the Pope was represented by the Uance Apostolique in recognition of Philip Newman's social and humanitarian activities during the war

Letter, to Ruth Hollander, Monte Carlo

Informs Ruth that Queen Elisabeth has received a letter from Barnett Hollander, thanking her for an autographed photograph. Describes having lunch with the Prime Minister of Belgian Congo

Letter, to Ruth and Barnett Hollander, Paris, France

Philip Newman describes both Queen Elisabeth's and his own poor state of health. He feels that his career is now at its artistic height but that since 1950 a violinist of world renown has used his influence to prevent him from playing at the...

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