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Trains in the Distance. Op 41

Previously uncatalogued. Typed prologue, 'Nostalgia' by Gilbert Thomas. Finale, 'To a Great Western Broad-gauge engine and its stoker'

From the Tower of Winds, Horologion Andronicus. Op 40

Previously ABW/1/75. Autograph MS. The work was commissioned by the Huddersfield Philharmonic Society for its centenary season, 1970-71. The work was first performed on 8 November 1970 at the Town Hall, Huddersfield, conducted by the composer.

The Night Wind. Op 38

Previously ABW/1/19. Photocopied MS of 43 pages, published. Includes commentary and poems by Emily Bronte, set to music. Commissioned for the Calder Valley Festival in 1969 with funds made avaiolable by the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Italian Journey. Op 34

Previously ABW/1/18. Photocopied MS of 71 pages comprising of 3 movements: Roma; Ravello; Rimini. Includes 1 letter.

Organ Concerto. Op 33

Previously ABW/1/70. Autograph MS of 22 pages. Dated 11 Aug 1965. This work was originally found in the folder marked 'Symphony No 1' (ABW/1/69). See also ABW/1/25a (previously ABW/1/17).

Organ Concerto. Op 33

Previously ABW/1/17. Photocopied MS of 74 pages with commentary. First performed 31 Mar 1973 at the Huddersfield Arts Festival with Gillian Weir on organ and conducted by the composer. See also ABW/1/25b (previously ABW/1/70).

A Moorland Symphony. Op 32

Previously uncatalogued. Written for the Saddleworth Festival, 1967. Choral symphony featuring 6 poems of well-known local poet, Ammon Wrigley (1861-1945): Prologue; 4 poems expressive of each season on the moors;final postlude, 'Saddleworth ...

The Castle of Perseverance. Op 30

Previously uncatalogued. Printed MS of 31 pages, and typed copy of the words, 22 pages. Includes autograph cover and notes about performance with some music sections writen in. Dedicated to St Peter's School, Harrogate. See also ABW/1/23a (pr...

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