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Summer Music. Op 77

Previously ABW/1/30. Photocopied MS of 87 pages with commentary. First performed by Alison Birkinshaw, Bassoon and the Settle Orchestra on 21 June 1987 conducted by the composer.

Odin from the land of fire and ice. Op 76

Previously ABW/1/56. Autograph printed MS of 105 pages. Dedicated to Major Peter Parkes and the John Foster & Sons' Black Dyke Mills Band. The work was commissioned by Black Dyke Mills Band with financial support from the Yorkshire Arts...

Symphony No 4. Op 72

Previously uncatalogued. Photocopied MS of 164 pages. Includes note pasted in, Jan 1984, concerning recording and revisions. See also ABW/1/48a (previously ABW/1/82) and ABW/1/48b (previously ABW/1/28).

Symphony No 4. Op 72

Previously ABW/1/28. Photocopied MS consisting of 1 full set of parts and 1 photocopied MS with commentary. First performed on 8 May 1986 at a public concert broadcast from Manchester by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Bryden Thomson. ...

Symphony No 4. Op 72 and papers related to Op 76, 'Odin'

Previously ABW/1/82. Consists of autograph manuscript full score for the Symphony No 4, dated 23 Nov 1982. Inserted inside this work are various letters, cover designs and programme notes relating to the work 'Odin', a symphony for bras...

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