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Northern Light. Op 88

Previously ABW/1/33. Photocopied MS of 54 pages with commentary. For the Leeds Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of its centenary (1891-1991) and first performed on 18 May 1991, conducted by Martin Binks. See also ABW/1/59b (previously ABW/1/60).

Northern Light, Summer nights on the high moorlands. Op 88

Previously ABW/1/60. There are two copies of this work. Both are printed and are 60 pages in length. The work was commissioned by the Leeds Symphony Orchestra with financial assistance from the Yorkshire Arts Association. It is dedicated to Mar...

Passacaglia for brass. Op 87

Previously uncatalogued. Autograph MS of 73 pages, with introduction. On a theme of Brahms. Also includes photocopy score for piano part.

'Maoriana', Sinfonia for Brass. Op 85

Previously ABW/1/84. Photocopy full score. This work was commissioned by and dedicated to the New Zealand Brass Bands Association Inc. It was first performed as the A Grade test piece at the sesquicentennial Shell New Zealand Brass Band Champion...

'Maoriana', Sinfonia for Brass. Op 85

Previously ABW/1/59. Autograph MS of 87 pages. The work was commissioned by the New Zealand Brass Band Association. 9 Nov 1989 is written on the front cover. The first performance took place on 11 May 1990. Butterworth's notes on the work...

Kendal Clock. Op 84

Previously uncatalogued. Autograph MS. Tinnitis Aurium Kendaliensis. First performed by the Westmorland Orchestra conducted by Christopher Tinker at the South Lakeland Leisure Centre Concert Hall, 9 Sept 1989, on the occasion of the 800th annivers...

Viola Concerto. Op 82

Previously ABW/1/83. Consists of autograph MS of full score (dated 1988-1992) and autograph MS of piano reduction dated 2002. The concerto was recorded by the BBC Philharmonic on 8 December 1993 and received its broadcast on 12 May 1994. See als...

Viola Concerto. Op 82

Previously ABW/1/32. Photocopied MS of 166 pages, published. See also ABW/1/55b (previously ABW/1/83) and ABW/1/55c (previously ABW/1/58).

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