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Elizabeth Harwood Papers
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Rough music notes

Contains notes on musical terms and devices, interspersed with other matters such as a shopping list. Although undated, the form of this book suggests it was written at a later date from the previous school books.

Neat notes on 'form'

Notes written on foolscap paper re form. May be neat versions of the lecture notes found in EH/12/2/10.

English exercise book

Elizabeth's school exercise book for English, corrected throughout. Includes stories, grammar and spelling exercises.

English Language Examination Paper

Universities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham Joint Matriculation Board General Certificate of Education English Language Paper A, dated Fri 10 Jun. Annotations have been made in Elizabeth's handwriting.

Italian vocabulary

This book contains vocabulary on the first four pages and has then been cut out to make an index book. However, the index section is blank.

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