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Elizabeth Harwood Papers Item
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Rough music notes

Contains notes on musical terms and devices, interspersed with other matters such as a shopping list. Although undated, the form of this book suggests it was written at a later date from the previous school books.

GRSM Set Works

Notes made re the set up of the GRSM [Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music]

Music 6 General

Rough notes made by Elizabeth on various aspects of musical history.

Music Neat Book, Form IV B

Elizabeth's work has been corrected in this book. As well as music prep, she has also written notes on composers, including Chopin and Beethoven.

Rough Note Book, Form V B

Elizabeth's timetable is drawn on the front, in her hand. The timetable matches that depicted on EH/12/1/6. Contains notes on subjects including Biology, Geography and French.

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