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Alan Rawsthorne Papers
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Outbreak of war

Outbreak of war. Autograph sketch. Barbara Rawsthorne has added the title "Outbreak of war". Ingenuity displayed by the intelligentsia to avoid the armed forces. Written in a light vein.

Miscellaneous prose and poetry

A collection of miscellaneous prose and poetry. Annotated by Barbara Rawsthorne "Age about 12-15". With sketches in pen and ink. Contents: Part 1: preface If the casket scene from "The Merchant of Venice" had occurred in &quo...

Adventure story

Adventure story beginning "I meet with Captain Black". Autograph MS. About 1920, age about 15 added in Barbara Rawsthorne's hand. An adventure story of a submarine and a tropical island. More juvenalia.

The Pip

The Pip Autograph MS. The April 1917 number of a periodical now quarterly in the war effort to save paper, written by Alan and Barbara Rawsthorne. Poetry and prose, topical and imaginative.

King George V a play

King George V a play Autograph MS. Age 11-12, 1916-1917, added by Barbara Rawsthorne. An amusing play written in blank and sometimes rhyming verse.

A collection of prose and poetry Autograph MS

A collection of prose and poetry written on foolscap paper Autograph MS. . "Age about 12-15" added in biro by Barbara Rawsthorne. A collection of prose and poetry on a variety of subjects. Contents: [A morning walk] A riddle Looking int...

Typescript letter signed to Alan Frank.

Typescript letter signed from John Manduell to Alan Frank Dated 10 March 1972. The Northern College of Music from the Principal. Reply to Chesham, High Bentham, via Lancaster. Enclosed with Rawsthorne's autograph scores of Concertante pastora...

Manduell, John (1928-2017), Knight, music educationist, composer, administrator

Letter from Julian Bream.

Autograph letter signed from Julian Bream to Isabel Rawsthorne Dated 17 August 1971. Broad Oak, Semley, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Julian Bream writes to Isabel, Rawsthorne's widow, about completing Alan's last composition [R 073: Elegy for gu...

Bream, Julian Alexander (1933-present), guitarist and lutenist

Letter to Anna Macnaghten.

Autograph letter signed from Alan Rawsthorne to Anne Macnaghten Dated 18 April 1965. Sudbury Cottage, Little Sampford, Saffron Walden, Essex. Tel. Great Sampford 250. Headed notepaper. A request to Anne Macnaghten to accept the dedication of Rawst...

Letter to Anne Macnaghten.

Autograph letter signed from Alan Rawsthorne to Anne Macnaghten Dated 26 January 1934. Dartington Hall, Totnes, S. Devon. A letter of appreciation to Anne Macnaghten after her quartet performed Rawsthorne's quartet. Hints at dissatisfaction w...

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