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Philip Newman Papers
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Photograph of Nicanor Zabaleta and audience, 1964

Philip Newman has written on reverse side of photograph: from left to right, King and Queen Timeon of Bulgaria, Ambassador Cardenas, Archduke and Archduchess Francois Joseph Hapsburg, Mayor of Pollensa and on stage, Nicanor Zabaleta, a harpist. Au...

Photograph of Philip Newman, Arruga and Ennesa

Philip Newman writes on back of photograph: Arruga is on the left, Ennesa on the right, industrialist and proprieter of a hotel, The Gavina at Lagaro about 60 miles from Barcelona where I inaugurated a music festival

Photographs of Philip Newman's medals

The medal placed at centre front is the Medaille Eugene Ysaye; the others were given to Philip Newman for sitting on the juries for the Concours International Reine Elisabeth de Belgique in the years 1951, 1959, 1963

Postcard, to Peter Zwook

Postcard shows a photograph of Bela Bartok and Joseph Szigeti taken in 1927. It is signed "for Peter Zwook, very cordially, Joseph Szigeti. 1966"

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