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Masks from Adam and the Creatures

Masks for Adam and the Creatures, made of black sugar paper with white paint. Most of the masks and props are labelled. Props include: 8 rushes, 4 palms on sticks, 3 trees and one apple. Animal masks include: Rabbit, Donkey, Pig, Fox, Dog, Ho...

Domestic and Craft Scrapbook

Newspaper cuttings. Subjects include: Jam making, hanging pictures, weights and measures, keeping stone steps clean; hand care, dealing with cold feet, stopping draughts in the home, preventing common colds, washing ties successfully, cleaning ca...


Images/ subjects include: The Moot Hall, Aldeburgh; Varese; Walt Whitman's canary; Christmas Greetings; Greenham Commom Peace Camp; The Vegetarian Society; Rabbitt (Coney Warren?); Womens Struggle Won the Vote Use it for Disarmament; Women fo...

Natural World and Architecture No.2

Scrapbook cheifly on the subjects of the natural world, animals, portraits and architecture made up of newspaper cuttings and photographs. The scrapbook has been indexed in brief by TBP. A brief list of topics includes: Images of musicians and in...

Songs of Wild Birds

Box of 5 x 78rpm recordings "Songs of Wild Birds" (Parlophone Co. Ltd.) collected by E.M. Nicholson and Ludwig Koch, publ. H.F.&G.Witherby Ltd. Contents: 1A: Nightingale, Cuckoo; 1B: Blackbird, Throstle, Pied Woodpecker, Green Wood...

Hydraulics, statics, dynamics and maths

Manuscript notes made by TBP detailing experiments carried out. The experiments include: To find the deflection of a cantilever beam; To determine the behaviour of a shiral spring in tension; Effect of placing weights on one end of a lever has on...

Engineering: Weights

Manuscript notes made by TBP with tables of weights, including: Double Steam Hangers; Wall Boxes; Wall Brackets; Termination Brackets; Beam Parrallel to Shaft; Pedestal Stands; Fender Fixings; Combination Pedestals. Includes diagrams.

English Literature, Law and Grammar

Manuscript notes by TBP chiefly on the subjects of english, law and grammar. A number of notes can also be seen relating to correspondence with different [enginerring?] comapnies relating to orders and deliveries.

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