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Handwritten letter signed by Adel to Adolph Brodsky

This letter has been written in one hand and signed in another. The letter was probably written in Vienna not long after the end of the Great War. Adel addresses Brodsky in the familiar form Du. Adel thanks Brodsky for his gift of one pound ste...

Letter to Anna Brodsky

The letter is not divided into paragraphs. It is written in German hand with very occasional words in Roman letters. This letter to Anna Brodsky is written by a woman who has never met Anna although they do have friends in common. The poor woma...

Anonymous - unknown creator

Note for Anna Brodsky

A note to Anna Brodsky saying ‘Chicago Limited going East. Drink your health in champagne’. It is signed by a Brodsky, but the first two names are unclear.

Anonymous - unknown creator

Letter to Adolph Brodsky re an appeal for funds

An appeal to Adolph Brodsky to send money to aid the Newspaper Press Fund, and to attend the Sixty Fourth Annual Dinner at the Savoy Hotel. There are two copies of this letter.

Anonymous - unknown creator

Autograph letter signed from Adolph Brodsky to Mrs. Crawshaw

On his return from holiday, Brodsky has received a letter from Mrs. Crawshaw to the effect that her daughter [Jane, later Jennie, Crawshaw] will either leave the college altogether or be transferred to Mr. Backhaus. The letter is dated 1 Oct 1908.

Autograph letter signed from Gertrude to Olga

Gertrude's sister sends something with thanks. Gertrude enjoyed the previous evening's concert very much and they have nearly finished the Bolshevists. Dated 13 Dec.

Anonymous - unknown creator

Autograph letter signed from Geegee to Olga

This letter is from a pupil of Olga Skadowsky. Geegee regrets that she has not paid for some Russian reading sessions she had some months ago. She was suddenly called away to Droitwich because of a friend having an operation. Anna has also bee...

Anonymous - unknown creator

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