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Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer
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Autograph card signed to Adolph and Anna Brodsky

Hans and Maria Richter send congratulations and all good wishes in verse to Adolph and Anna Brodsky on the occasion of their silver wedding. The letter (with accompanying envelope) is in German and is dated 13 May 1905.

Richter, Hans Johann Baptist Isidor (1843-1916), Conductor

Autograph postcard signed from Marie Richter to Anna Brodsky

Marie Richter regrets that Anna Brodsky is ill and hopes that she is better. Marie would like to call on the morrow and make some visits with Anna. Dated 3 Mar 1903. With accompanying typed copy of the text of the postcard.

Richter, Marie (1855-?)

Autograph picture postcard signed from Marie Richter to Anna Brodsky

Picture postcard of Hans Richter with shopping bag and walking stick in Bayreuth. The Richters have spent 5 peaceful weeks in Hungary. Marie is depressed and anxious as Hans is not quite well. Dated 8 Oct 1912. Not found, 9 May 2006.

Richter, Marie (1855-?)

Autograph letter signed from Olga Skadowsky to Adolph Brodsky

Olga signs herself Picard Skadowsky Olga enquires about Anna's health as she has not heard for 2 months. She thanks Adolph for the provisions and Wara's have already been sent. Olga is delighted that Adolph has been able to procure her...

Skadowsky, Olga (fl.1856–1940)

Autograph letter from Olga Skadowsky to Adolph Brodsky

This letter is incomplete. Olga writes to wish Adolph a happy birthday. She has not heard from the Brodskys for 14 months although she has written many times. Nor has she heard from Leon for 14 months. Olga is well and working harder than ever...

Skadowsky, Olga (fl.1856–1940)

Autograph letter signed from Olga Shoon to Olga Skadowsky

A few words have been added in Russian in either Anna Brodsky's or Olga Skadowsky's hand: Letters from Odessa and other places. Olga's husband has been struck down by a terrible 'flu epidemic and is incapable of any correspond...

Shoon, Olga (fl.1927)

Printed letter from Alfred Worsley to Anna Brodsky

Announces that the next RMCM club meeting will be on 29 April at 7pm. The letter is dated Mar 1909.

Worsley, Alfred (fl.1910-fl.1929). Fellow of the Royal Manchester College of Music

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