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Thomas Pitfield Collection
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Press Cuttings

Where know details include date, Publication, title of article: Jul 1933, Morning Post: A One Composer Programme Feb 1933: Pianoforte Mar 1932, Daily Telegraph: Younger Composers Feb 1936, The Listener: A Lancashire Composer Nov 1949, Liverpool Ec...

Published reviews 1950s-1980s

Date, publication and article title included where known: Apr 1949, Radio Times: Clarice Dunnington and Thomas B. Pitfield 1933, The Man[chester]: The Contemporary Music Centre 1949, Manchester Guardian: Pictures with Music 1949, Daily Dispater: P...

Published articles relating to Thomas Pitfield

First Performances of Music by British Composers 1996 (No. 8) Cell Musigraph 1955 (No 1) The North West Composers Association Composer 1978 (No 63) The [Liverpool] Festival Book nd Musical Opinion 1978 (No 1206)


Portfolio of exhibition captions and related papers; 1978-c.1996. Folder of exhibition catalogues; c.1938-1974. Two copies "Provisional inventory of possible exhibits"; nd. Notebook of sales and income from exhibitions, 1943-1973.

Correspondence 1967-1972

Letters to TBP from various people. Names on the letters are as follows: 1. A.P., 2. Copy of letter sent to Mr Glock, 3. Eric Warr (BBC), 4. Copy of letter sent to Mr Warr, 5. John [McCabe?], 6. Phoebe [Hesketh], 7. unknown, 8. Maurice Ridgway,...

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