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Britten's Humanity

  • TP-TP/3-TP/3/1-TP/3/1/11-TP/3/1/11/42
  • Unidad documental simple
  • nd
  • Parte dePitfield Collection

Part of a newspaper article "Britten's Humanity" by Neville Cardus relating to the address given by Benjamin Britten's address at receiving the first Aspen Award in the Humanities.

Chamber Music

  • TP-TP/3-TP/3/1-TP/3/1/11-TP/3/1/11/56
  • Unidad documental simple
  • nd
  • Parte dePitfield Collection

Looks at chamber music and the 'fine tunes hidden therein'.

Contemporary British Music

  • TP-TP/3-TP/3/1-TP/3/1/11-TP/3/1/11/58
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 22-Jul-57
  • Parte dePitfield Collection

Notes for lecture to foreign students at the British Council. Looks at historical background.


Course complied by Thomas Pitfield in versification. Lessons 1-5 have been fixed together with a cover. The second half of the course is on loose sheets. The text has been corrected, in terms of punctuation, spelling and grammar with a red pen....


Include artiles by Thomas Pitfield on a variety of subjects, including music, vegetarianism, dialect

Writers' Bulletin

  • TP-TP/3-TP/3/2-TP/3/2/1-TP/3/2/1/7
  • Unidad documental simple
  • Feb-98
  • Parte dePitfield Collection

Issue no. 8, page 19 includes a poem, Pedestrian's Hymn, by TBP

Old Tunes to Mend

Article in Making Music, Autumn 1968 by TBP. Also includes typescript notes titled: Fifty General Knowledge Questions for Music Students

Christmas Drama and Music: The Hallowed Manger

  • TP-TP/3-TP/3/2-TP/3/2/2-TP/3/2/2/10
  • Unidad documental simple
  • Dec-68
  • Parte dePitfield Collection

Bowdon Church News No. 120. Shows "The Hallowed Manger" will be performed in Bowdon Parish Church by members of Cultcheth School and Bowdon Choir. Text is TBP's preface to "The Hallowed Manger"

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