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Alan Rawsthorne Papers Rawsthorne, Barbara (1902-1992)
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Photographs, chiefly of the Rawsthorne family with Barbara and Alan as young children. Subjects include: James Rawsthorne (Alan's grandfather), Hubert and Janet Rawsthorne (Alan's parents), Barbara, Isabel, Jessie Hinchliffe, Elizabeth B...

Memorial concert programme, and work list

Part of programme from 25th Anniversary Season of the London Mozart Players: Rawsthorne memorial concert. With booklet from Oxford University Press listing Rawsthorne's works with availability. Annotated by Barbara Rawsthorne.

Letter to Barbara Rawsthorne.

Autograph letter signed to Barbara Rawsthorne Epiphany [6 January] Ca'n Polimeni, Formalutx, Soller-de-Mallorca. A lightly humorous letter written on a happy but cigaretteless Epiphany.

Letter to Barbara Rawsthorne

Autograph letter signed from Alan Rawsthorne to Barbara Rawsthorne Dated 3 September 1945. 28 Ormond Terrace, N.W.8. Blue George VI twopence ha'epenny stamp, postmarked with ringing bells and London N.W.1, 9.15am 10 Sep 1945. Envelope addres...

Letter to Barbara Rawsthorne

Typescript copy of a letter on life in the Army at Shrivenham, and AR's attempts to form a military band and symphony orchestra.

Letter to Hubert and Barbara Rawsthorne.

Autograph letter signed from Alan Rawsthorne to Hubert and Barbara Rawsthorne Dated Thursday [28 November 1940] c/o Julian Herbage Esq., Orchard Cottage, Chew Magna, Somerset. Bombed out during Bristol blitz. Lost everything except Jessie's v...

Outbreak of war

Outbreak of war. Autograph sketch. Barbara Rawsthorne has added the title "Outbreak of war". Ingenuity displayed by the intelligentsia to avoid the armed forces. Written in a light vein.

Letter to Barbara Rawsthorne.

Autograph letter signed from Jessie Rawsthorne to Barbara Rawsthorne [1939] 41 Downleaze, Bristol 9. A newsy letter about the move to Bristol early in the war [the B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra was evacuated to Bristol], billets, possible B.B.C. work ...

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