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Letter 30 Sep 1942, to Arthur Harry

Typescript letter from Collens to Huber's father William Arthur re the possible progression of and options for Hubert's future in education and as a perfomer. "My ambition for him is that he shall become a world-famous solo pianist....

Letter, [1944]

Manuscript letter in which Carroll is grateful to have been helpful to Hubert. He shares that in later life, the greatest pleasure is to be of service to someone, to be helpful and that "every time you feel joy in giving pleasure to others yo...

Letter, 26 Mar 1944

Manuscript letter in which Carroll thanks Hubert for the fruit. He hopes Hubert's Latin is improving.

Letter, 9 Feb 1944

Manuscript letter in which Carroll relays his thanks for Hubert's letter and mentions an item he saw for

Letter, 14 Jul 1944

Typescript letter with manuscript postscript, to Hubert giving him advice about his forthcoming piano examination.

Letter, 31 Jul 1945

Typescript letter, presumably to the local authority, formally requesting a reassignment of Hubert's medical examination required for conscription, as he has an examination on that date.

Letters re. Harry's scholarship

Copies of typescript letters collected by Curzon which support Hubert Harry's application for musical scholarship from Lancashire County Council's Education Department. Also includes a manuscript draft of a letter. Supporters include the...

Letter, 5 Aug 1945

Manuscript letter in which Collens advises Hubert on how to get his examinations in Manchester, advice relayed to Collens by a Mrs, Moon J.P. It references the request to get exemption from conscription into national service in order to take his e...

Letter, 4 Aug 1946

Manuscript letter asking Hubert about his "money arrangements for Switzerland", advising that he should contact the Ministry of Labour or Ministry of Education if there are any issues.

Letter, 17 Aug 1946

Manuscript letter in which Collens passes on advice to Hubert re the rate of exchange in Switzerland. She relays that his advice was given to her by a past pupil, Mrs. Esobel who nows lives in Basel, Switzerland, and can meet him upon his arrival....

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