Unidad documental simple AB/683 - Autograph letter signed from Christian Sinding to Anna Brodsky

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GB GB1179 AB-AB/683


Autograph letter signed from Christian Sinding to Anna Brodsky


  • 1895 (Creación)

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Sinding excuses himself for his laziness at writing but he is always tired and useless after work. He is very grateful to Frau Brodsky that he can turn to her in complete confidence and openness and he treasures her. Sinding is very delighted that Brodsky is having success in all directions in England and the people of Manchester must appreciate what power they have in Brodsky and do all they can to keep him. In Berlin everything continues as before. Busoni is having much success and yesterday he received an engagement with the Philharmonic in Vienna. Sinding asks if there might be a post for him in Manchester. Poor old Novacek is not very well; he was almost dead but recovered. It would be sad if he died too soon when he has so much talent and so much to do. Sinding's old friend Delius was there for a while. On Sinding's advice, he sent the Violin Legende to Brodsky. Sinding thinks it will be very good, especially with orchestra and it is well scored. Sinding is fine and so is his music. The symphony will be played in February, Sinding thinks, in Glasgow under Kis. Were it not so expensive, Sinding woud love to have gone and then to have visited the Brodskys. His work is going well but he is annoyed with Dr. Abraham whose maxim is "kurz und klein" - "kurze ist Wurze". This is not Sinding's view. In conclusion, Sinding sends the Brodskys Christmas wishes. Dated 16 Dec 1895.

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